Quick games?

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Quick games?

Postby blacklucas1 » 21 Aug 2020, 09:12

I've played on webdiplomacy and playdiplomacy, but these multi-week games really drag on. Any tips on finding 5 to 15 minute turn games? Some sort of app or site? I prefer press to gunboat but I'm open to either.

And how long do they play out for, like over four hours? Because that's it's own set of problems.
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Re: Quick games?

Postby Strategus » 21 Aug 2020, 09:26

Webdip can host 5 minute turns. Here they are min 15, but I now understand retreat and builds are 5 mins.
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Re: Quick games?

Postby CharlieMain » 21 Aug 2020, 13:34

Try a live game on Playdip. Each turn lasts 15 minutes for orders & 5 minutes for retreats / builds. Keep an eye on the home page to see whether any live games are due to start, or you could create one yourself.
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