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Re: Particular moves you enjoy

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2008, 01:07
by gladiator
A particularly gutsy move I like is the most Anti-russian opening as Germany that you can make:

A Berlin - Prussia
A Munich - Silessia
F Kiel - Denmark

By the build phase you have both denmark and Warsaw, and have bounced Russia out of Sweden. Very quickly Turkey and Austria become crows and eat up Russia. This only works if you convince France to go towards Iberia right away with both his fleet in Brest and Marseilles army, so you can build up a front to protect yourself from his greedy paws. Unfortunately, too many things have to go your way (such as a westward moving Italy, or a friendly England moving towards scandinavia) for you to survive for very long. Otherwise you just get outmatched, given that France and England can snatch both lowlands. Nonetheless, it's great fun.

Re: Particular moves you enjoy

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2008, 22:25
by stormwatcher
When the opportunity presents itself, after opening negotiations, I like moving Bud-Rum as Austria, then being convoyed by Russia to Turkey if the Black Sea was taken. I've heard this move called the "Roadhog" but it so rarely happens in game play that I didn't realize it had an official name. But I really do like it, when it works :)

If I've sided with Turkey against Russia, and Russia opens to Galicia, I still sometimes find the Rumania move/bounce useful and satisfying, to counter the bear. But of course, as Austria, you often have better places to open with that Budapest army, so I don't usually get the chance to move to Rumania. Very fun, though.