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Re: Most useless territories

Postby Jus » 31 Dec 2008, 06:26

Syria is definitely more useless than Clyde. Albania and North Africa, from my experience, really aren't that useless in the mid to late game.
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Re: Most useless territories

Postby dilip » 01 Jan 2009, 08:10

Crisu wrote:But a fleet can't go directly from SKA to BAL; it still has to stop in DEN, much like how BLA must stop in CON before going to AEG.

However a fleet can go from SKA to SWE and then SWE to BAL.

In Turkey this isn't possible. You cannot do BLA to BUL and then BUL to AEG.

If you look at the map, this is because in Constan the gap for water is in the middle of the territory, thus the river doesn't border Bulg or any other territory. In denmark, There are two water gaps, and one of them borders sweden, so a fleet can pass in that narrow gap between Denmark's small island and sweden, stopping in den or swe.
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