PlayDip Awards?

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PlayDip Awards?

Postby Master Radishes » 05 Dec 2008, 00:08

To commemorate PlayDip's upcoming 1 year anniversary (Dec 19), I had the brilliant idea of handing out our own awards, honouring memorable games, stabs, players, and the like. Sort of like the Oscars, only exclusively for this site. ;)

We could come up with different categories, nominate some options, and then everyone vote on it. Things like...Most Loyal Ally, Best Tactician, Best Diplomat (and no, I don't mean an award just for Dip ;) ), Best Player of England/France/Germany/etc...and then forum-specific ones too, like Funniest Poster, Best Debater, Best Strategy Theorist, Most Thoughtful Poster....things like that.

Also, we could do ones non-player specific, like Favourite/Least Favourite Country, Favourite/Least Favourite Alliance, Best Stab, Strangest In-Game Sighting....or even ones like Favourite Variant, Favourite Set of Game Icons, Favourite Forum...

Anyway. First we could settle on the categories (so if you want, start suggesting some). Then we could settle on some nominations. Then everyone would have the chance to vote for the winners, and we'd tally up all the votes and see who do, in fact, win. I was thinking a 5-3-1 voting system...5 points for your first choice, 3 points for your runner up pick, 1 point for your third choice. Probably keeps things a little more even overall.

So. Good idea, or bad? Anyone up for this? I'd be willing to organize it, of course, but I can't do it without participation from the rest of you. ;)

(And yes, there's a risk of this turning into a popularity contest of sorts, at least for the member awards...but c'mon, it's all in fun, I doubt anyone will take it too seriously. I certainly won't be hurt when I win all the awards myself. ;) )
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby Crisu » 05 Dec 2008, 00:46

Yay for voting. I like voting. It sounds like good fun.

We also need a "Most Situational Situation" award.
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby mdmuff » 05 Dec 2008, 00:48

Sounds fantastic!!!

You start on the categories sounds good as well.

Add a few of my own (off the top of my head)

Best Shoutbox Message
Best Stab (Stabber)
Best Response to Stab
Best Convoy
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby CowInAPie » 05 Dec 2008, 01:19

Sounds like a grand idea! I can't wait to see what happens =D
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby EdiBirsan » 05 Dec 2008, 03:19

How about an award to 7 players who played a completed game without an NMR or a Change of Player>

These are awards that are popular in FtF events

1. Pirate ... having one fleet left and the furthest from home wins

2. Best Tactician

3. Best Strategist

4. Best Diplomat

5. Golden Blade (best stab-typically most centers)

6. Death with Dignity

7. Players' Player Award (most fun to play with)

8. Rotten Pen (worst handwriting...sort of not applicable here)

9. Ninja Award (popular in SF for killing the most countries- taking last center)

10. Hammered/Axes most losses

11. CannonBall Award For losing the most centers in a single turn.
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby Ryogo » 05 Dec 2008, 03:29

Sounds good to me, though I haven't been around long enough to really participate.
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby Batsman » 05 Dec 2008, 05:42

Thanks MR, great idea!

I like Edi's first 7 categories and Mdmuff's suggestions too.

I'm not sure that "Best player of [country]" would be that east to adjudicate, BUT we should certainly have "Miss Italy" and "Miss Austria" awards for the players who have been most successful with those powers. Those two are the ones most of us groan to get - but bring out the best in good players.

Don't forget best lyrical AAR ;)
Oh, and perhaps best Lazarus? All new players should be encouraged by tales of great comebacks. I seem to remember you MR in Spitfire Invitational?
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby Diplomat » 05 Dec 2008, 08:27

No Best MRius award?

Edi's are very good, can't top em, but certainly I would participate in voting and enjoy seeing some of the results. Should be fun, and interesting to see if there is a stronger correlation with public perception than game results.

I know who I would vote for on stabs.... there was a certain world dip game...
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby frankfrankfrank » 05 Dec 2008, 08:55

Should we begin compiling nominations?
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Re: PlayDip Awards?

Postby Spitfire » 05 Dec 2008, 09:43

Great idea, but the actual list of prizes needs to be officially listed by MR now after all that, and then we can nominate for all them?
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