Most vulnerable territories

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Most vulnerable territories

Postby Crisu » 24 Nov 2008, 13:06

While trying to help answer a question in the Rules, I thought about the most vulnerable territories on the map, which I believe to be the ones with the most borders.

After scanning the map, I think I see:

  • 11 - North Sea
  • 9 - Ionian Sea
  • 8 - English Channel
  • 7 - Kiel, Rumania, Trieste, Tyrrhenian Sea, Munich, Burgundy, Galicia
  • 6 - Warsaw, Bulgaria, Tyrolia, Sweden, Spain, Gascony, Belgium

Perhaps the biggest battles occur here, where you can have lots of units on both (or several) sides of the territories.

Or do you all disagree?
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Re: Most vulnerable territories

Postby CowInAPie » 24 Nov 2008, 14:28

North Sea ftw
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Re: Most vulnerable territories

Postby Stander » 24 Nov 2008, 15:49

Most vulnerable Territories?

Any you currently own that I don't!


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Re: Most vulnerable territories

Postby EarlOfWessex » 24 Nov 2008, 16:13

a better way to do it would be to consider which territories are the doorway to an area, and can be easily taken.

as italy, the gulf of lyons is particularly vunerable, since its easy for france to take, yet allows france to swarm italy.

as turkey, the black sea is vunerable, as it leads to 3 of your centres, but its hard for russia to take by force, so its not that vunerable.

as england, the north sea is very important, though if you know its being attacked, its not hard to defend.
assuming you've got your natural centres and with the standard shape of brittish (& others) movement, you would not find it that hard to stop other nations taking it, unless of course you don't expect it.
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Re: Most vulnerable territories

Postby Dr. Metropolis » 25 Nov 2008, 22:38

First off, that's a very interesting list. I would say those territories are certainly critical points. This shows us why the North Sea is so important, or why Galicia is almost the cornerstone of Austria's visions of empire, and losing the Ionian is a nightmare for Italy.

Furthermore, isn't it true that these locations can be terribly influential? For example, controlling Galicia is huge for either the Russia or Austria because a unit there can be used in very versatile ways. Since there are many borders, if you arrange your defense correctly, you can withstand all but the most brutal attacks, and, simultaneously, use these territories as launching points, or point of influence.

I would define a vulnerable territory as one that is difficult to defend. As far as the home supply centers go, it seems like Sevastopol may be the most vulnerable. If Russia safely controls Rumania, or the Black Sea, then Sev is in a good place. But, then again, if Russia safely controls either of these territories, then Turkey is probably either hurting or a good buddy of the Russians and Sevastopol isn't a concern either way.

Next, I'd say Venice. Although there are several territories from which Italy can defend Venice, it's rare that many of them are occupied.

Munich looks weak, but there's such a large buffer surrounding it that in practice, it takes a serious effort to capture.

As for other territories, I agree with the Earl's argument about the Gulf of Lyon. I'd also say that Norway can be a volatile territory. And defending Belgium can occupy an entire army.

Of course, I could be wrong. But this is how the board looks to me.
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