Justified Mafia

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Justified Mafia

Postby UpsideDownChuck » 24 Feb 2016, 02:05

Venture on down to scenic Harlan Country for a fun 12-player variant of mafia based on the greatest television show of all time, Justified. Things are a little upside down in Harlan, with the criminals comprising the town and the cops acting as the mafia. Raylan and company have gone undercover in Harlan, attempting to bring down six seasons worth of bad guys in a couple of weeks. Will they be successful in cleaning up one of the most colorfully crime-ridden districts in Eastern Kentucky, or will the local crooks successfully root out the Marshal's in their midst? Y'all will decide in what should prove to be an epic showdown between good and deliciously evil. You will never leave Harlan alive.


Rules are here Thanks to Crunkus for letting me use NightVale rules as a template.

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1) mhsmith0
2) condude1

I'm a little flexible on day/night lengths. Right now I have it as 4/1. Ideally I think 3/1 is best, but I know in games with a lot of reserves and inactivity 72 hour days can be untenable. I also don't really like extensions, especially at the last minute, because I feel they can be unfair to scum who are planning on EOD happening at a certain time. So I think 96 hour days is the best compromise. Any longer than that and that game can get bogged down and people start to run into other commitments that they didn't think of around game start. I'd like at least 3 reserves ready to go before we start, and obviously more would be better. I'm hoping I don't have to lower the number of players. I think 3 scum makes for the more interesting dynamics and tactical play (and thus analysis for the town) then 2 scum.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby PetesAHut » 24 Feb 2016, 04:07

No chance in hell I can jump into another of these games...but I thought I'd leave this here...

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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby mhsmith0 » 24 Feb 2016, 04:30

Sure,why the hell not. I warn in advance that my participation will NOT be as crazy high as last time... Probably. Unless I get sucked in again.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby mormonvoodoo » 24 Feb 2016, 08:36

I'm in. I'm a little new to playing mafia online, but I'm up for it.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby UpsideDownChuck » 24 Feb 2016, 08:47

Awesome glad to have you. if you haven't already you might glance at some of the AAR's and other resources on the subforum to get an idea of how it's played here. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby Crunkus_old » 24 Feb 2016, 17:26

Marking the thread. Good luck with the game, I'm again not currently available (except perhaps as a reserve, depending on circumstances), and will let you know if that changes.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby GregorV » 24 Feb 2016, 19:07

Depending on when this starts, I could be unavailable, reserve-available, or active-member-available. Once we have a firm start date, I'll be able to give you more information (Depends on my exam schedule).
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby sjg11 » 24 Feb 2016, 19:13

Lord sjg will sign up now.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby Keirador » 24 Feb 2016, 21:57

Any chance you could copy/paste the rules into the thread? The Google Doc isn't opening for me, dunno why.
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Re: Justified Mafia

Postby mhsmith0 » 24 Feb 2016, 22:12

Missing most of the formatting, but...

Basic Rules
1.1 Two Factions: There are two factions in the game: the Criminals of Harlan County (town), and the U.S. Marshal’s Service (mafia) .
1.2 - random.org: Faction will be randomly determined.
1.3 - Criminals and Ne’er-Do-Wells of Harlan County: The Criminals of Harlan County (town) are an uninformed majority, and win when all 3 of the U.S. Marshal’s Service (mafia) faction players have been eliminated from the game.
1.3.1 - Nine Town: There will be 9 Criminals of Harlan County in the game.
1.4 - US Marshal’s Service: The U.S. Marshal’s Service (mafia) is an informed minority, and win when the number of remaining U.S. Marshal’s Service faction players is equal to or greater than that of the remaining Criminals of Harlan County faction players.
1.4.1 - Three Scum: There will be 3 U.S. Marshal’s Service (mafia) faction players.
1.4.2 - Scumchat: The U.S. Marshal’s Service faction players will have unlimited private communication privileges during the night phase only starting night 0 for as long as those players remain in the game.
1.4.3 - GM Confirmation: Players in the U.S. Marshal’s Service will be asked to confirm their participation and membership in the U.S. Marshal’s Service faction with the GM during the confirmation phase after receiving the faction notice by replying to the faction notice with the player names of their teammates.
1.5 - No Third Parties: No other factions or win conditions exist.
1.6 - Roles: Each player will be assigned a character from the TV show “Justified”. There will be no duplicate assignments in the game. Mafia will be assigned characters who worked in or around the Marshal’s office. Town will be assigned characters who were criminals. The scum may or may not get fakeclaims. All assignments will be from this list: http://justified.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Characters. The only character’s known to be in the game are Raylan Givens (mafia) and Boyd Crowder (town)

1.7 - No self-voting: No vote may legally target the player issuing it. Any illegal vote or order will be ignored. Those issuing illegal orders will be notified if time permits and prompted to submit a legal order.

1.8 - Game Structure: The game is played in a series of ‘Seasons’ divided into two phases, day and night.
1.8.1 - Day Phase: During the day, players may communicate by posting to the game thread, and may vote for who gets lynched. Each player can indicate their desire to see a player lynched by voting, withdrawing a vote, or changing a vote each day that they cast in large red font.

1.8.2 - Night Phase: During the night, players cannot communicate with each other in the thread. The mafia can communicate with each other via scumchat and decide who to NK and how to best use any night abilities they may have. Townies may not communicate with each other via PM unless specifically told so by the GM. Those that have a night ability should message the GM with a target during the night.

1.9 - Game End: The game ends when all remaining players have either won or lost.
1.9.1 - Calling the Game: The GM has the right to call the game before such a time, should it be deemed necessary. This may be due to inevitability of the outcome, irreversible compromise of the game itself, or some other eventuality.

The Day Phase
2.1 - Length of Game Day: The game day will last approximately 96 hours, but not less than 96 hours. The official end of the day is subject to GM availability. When the GM posts ending the day, the day is officially over. Please don’t post after that.
2.2 - No Daychat: U.S. Marshal’s Service will not have access to ordinary scumchat during the day. The only way any players should be communicating via PM during this phase is if explicitly informed by the GM that they are allowed to.
2.3 - Checkpoints: The GM will post periodic checkpoints with an up to date vote count. Please PM me if you see any inaccuracies. Votes need to be formatted correctly enough that the tabulator picks them up.
2.4 - Lynch Mechanics: See Game Structure above. The player with the most votes at end of day will be lynched. Some players may have hidden abilities that can change vote weights.
2.4.1 Tiebreaker: Sometimes the day’s vote may end in a tie. In general, random.org will be used to pick a lynchee from the tied candidates. However, some players may have abilities to influence the tiebreaker mechanics and override the randomness, when applicable, those abilities will take precedence.
2.4.2 No Lynch: No lynch is considered a valid vote. If a majority of players vote for it, no player will be lynched and the game will progress to night. If 3 days and 3 nights (consecutive) pass without any players from either faction being removed, either by lynch or by NK, the mafia will win the game.
2.5 - Lynch Reveal: The alignment and character name of a player (but not what specific powers or lack thereof they possess) will always be revealed upon elimination. This information can be assumed to be 100% reliable.
2.6 - Vote Result Reveal: Only the result of a lynch vote and the votes cast by each player are ever published at the end of the day. The specifics of vote weighting are not, nor are tiebreaker mechanics used if applicable.

Night Phase
3.1 - If You See Something, Say Nothing: During the Night phase, no communication can occur in thread. Please respect this and do not post to the thread during this phase.
3.2 - Scumchat: The mafia may begin communicating privately once the GM ends the day. Please copy the GM on all such communications.
3.3 - Arrest (Nightkill) Protocol: Each night the U.S. Marshal’s Service may attempt to apprehend one of the Criminals of Harlan County, removing that player from the game if successful. They will need to agree on a target and appoint one member of their team to carry out the arrest. The mafia will be instructed privately on the further details of this process.
3.4 - Interaction of Roles: Some players will have abilities that are loosely correlated with their character identities. Some of these abilities will be passive, others will be active and require a target to be submitted to the GM each night phase. If you have such an ability, please make an effort to submit this in a timely fashion. Some of these abilities may interact with each other. Their priority, ranked from highest priority to lowest, is given below:

Protective Roles
Arrest (NK)
Vig Kills
Communication Abilities, Information Roles (e.g. Tracker, Cop), Vote Changing Abilities, etc

In the event of a tie (some unlikely triangle of RB’ing), priority will be given by random.org. Most roles fall unambiguously into one of these categories. If a role does not, it’s interaction with other roles will be explained clearly in the role pm, and is being kept secret for a reason.
3.5 - Passive vs Active Abilities: Passive abilities will always be ‘on’ and can generally not be deactivated via roleblock or interacted with by other abilities. They do not require a target or any explicit input from the player possessing it. Active abilities can interact with other abilities as described above. They will usually require a target and the GM would appreciate a PM each night either with the target or instructing the GM you wish to holster if that is an option. The first NMR will result in a holster. Future ones will result in replacement.
3.5 - Death Reveals: At the end of each night, once all orders are received and processed, the alignment and names of players who are arrested or killed during the night phase are revealed. Abilities they may have had are not revealed, nor is the exact reason why they have died (NK vs vig or other kill power).
3.6 - Night Length and Extension Resolution: Each night phase should last approximately 24 hours. Please note that the GM will make an effort to resolve night phases more or less on time, but there are a variety of factors that can affect his ability to do this.
3.7 - A Thought on Night Actions: It is the GM’s view that the night game should help supplement and corroborate the day game, not completely override it. And the balance and reliability of night actions in this game is informed by that sensibility. As such while the GM will make sure everything resolves correctly, what you think is correct and what actually is may not always match up. Consider yourself warned.

Player Activity and Responsibilities
4.1 - Participate: Respect to the game, the players in it, and the GM is defined by participating actively in the game to the best of your ability. If you cannot commit to respecting the game and those involved in it, do not sign up to play the game.
4.1.1 - Prods will be issued by the GM to players who are falling below an acceptable level of activity, at his discretion.
4.1.2 - It is the responsibility of players to notify the GM of any circumstances that may affect their activity level. This should be done via private message to the GM. This is an exception to 4.10
4.2 - Play to Win: Players are responsible for playing to their win condition at all times. Do not under any circumstances “quit” the game or give up. Please remember this is a team game, and your game decisions and in-thread behaviour often have significant but indirect effects on other players. Be the best member of your team you can be. If you feel giving up is appropriate, message the GM and talk it out rather than discussing it in thread. This is included under the banner of respect to the game you signed on for, the players, and the GM.
4.3 - Don’t edit your posts: Players may not at any point edit or delete their posts. Accept that mafia posts can be a bit raw. Leave formatting, spelling, and grammar errors alone. Repost if you need to express yourself differently. Please. If you have really, really, really would like a formatting issue cleared up, you may privately message the GM and request that he edit your post to do so. Please include a link to the post in question.
4.4 - Don’t quote GM PM’s: Players may not quote any private messages from the GM.
4.5 - Out of Game Communication: Players may not discuss the game outside of the routes provided to them by the GM.
4.6 - The Basics: Players should adhere to the Forum Guidelines at all times.
4.7 - Reading Tea Leaves: Players should not attempt to use GM PM syntax or similar means to determine alignments. If you are unclear, pm the GM. This is an exception to 4.10
4.8 - Render unto Caesar: The GM alone decides when a rule has been broken and what is to be done about it.
4.9 - Keep Things Above Board: Players should inform the GM if they have knowledge of any rule-breaking, or of any way the game may have been compromised.
6.8.1 - Players should inform the GM if they have outside knowledge of any form that could impact the game.
4.10 - Question Authority: During Night Zero players may ask the GM any questions they desire regarding the rules, roles and game set up. The GM makes no guarantee he’ll answer, but it can’t hurt to ask and he’ll try to clear things up as best he can. Once the game begins the GM will not answer any rules related questions. So be sure to ask beforehand.
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