April 1st celebration - SHIFT day!

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April 1st celebration - SHIFT day!

Postby super_dipsy » 19 Mar 2017, 09:42

Since April 1st is fast approaching, I thought we might celebrate by running a SHIFT game or three starting on that day. Seems like April Fools day is a good time...

If you want to know what this bizarre game is or want to perhaps sign up to join the other Fools who are prepared to be driven mad, the thread describing the game and all the details for signing up are here http://www.playdiplomacy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55018. But please, only sign up if you understand that it is for FUN and that the best ones are when people STAY with the game; they will all be Friends, they wont count to ratings or anything, but it would be sad if people still bailed out because they find them too wild. Let's be inclusive here! Nothing wrong with being insane :D

P.S. These games are not restricted to Premium, they are open to all.

P.P.S. Getting really worried that we might have entered the Twilight Zone while I wasn't looking. Seems like we are already headed for at least THREE games.... :shock:
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