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Spring of Year 6

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2011, 09:52
by Yhanthlei
Orders are adjudicated for the Spring of year 6 with only half of the players involved submitting orders even after a grace period, sadly. Failure to send in orders is starting to become a real problem for this game, but I do have confidence that the situation can improve, or, if it does not, that other players can be found. As for the actual events, The Black Hole Republic and Green Empire have a matched struggle over the eastern straight, with Green held back by a mistyped order. Still, the Green player is left in a superior position in the region, and makes significant gains against their Blue rival. The Black Hole Republic, meanwhile, makes gains against the Solar Empire, retaking part of their homeland.

As per GM policy, two consecutive NMRs result in replacement in a game. As the retreat required by the Solar player complicates things somewhat, and it would be better to find out which if either of the players is still in at the same time, I will adjust the policy slightly. The Blue and Solar players each have 48 hours to contact me confirming continued participation. During this time, the Solar retreat will be adjudicated as normal should it be sent in. So,
10pm Tuesday 28 June Pacific (5am Wednesday 29 June GMT)------------ Solar retreat due
10pm Wednesday 29 June Pacific (5am Thursday 30 June GMT)----------- Participation confirmation due, Solar and Blue
10pm Thursday 30 June Pacific (5am Friday 1 July GMT)------------------- Fall of Year 6 Orders due, all players

Tre MOVE Lan
Fox MOVE Rse
Support ATL to RES [No province name for the unit providing the support given]
Atl MOVE res
CRS move CHR
Bok MOVE Ste
Orb MOVE fsh
Not SUPPORT Sqr to Mon
Sqr MOVE mon

Fleet RSE -> RES
Fleet Jam -> Cow
Army HZE support Jam -> Cow
Fleet KSH holds

Re: Spring of Year 6

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2011, 21:33
by Yhanthlei
JJPounds has let me know that he quits the game, so I'll set up a thread looking for replacements/backups.

Re: Spring of Year 6

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2011, 21:37
by BigBert
Pity this game is so NMR-struck. Hope this solution helps.

By the way, could we see the spring '06 orders?

Re: Spring of Year 6

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2011, 21:48
by Yhanthlei
Of course, I'll provide the orders in a moment.

If you and Flight253 wish to end the game I would do so, due to the increasing difficulty of getting all nations appropriate players and orders. ray56 has not been online for several days, so it looks unlikely that that will happen. I will set up the thread as mentioned if I have not received such an agreement by ray56's confirmation deadline. Of course, if ray56 returns the game would continue.