5 Player Diplomacy- Spring of Year 3

Played on an abstract map. Devised and introduced by Yhanthlei. GM - Yhanthlei. Draw between BigBert and Flight253

5 Player Diplomacy- Spring of Year 3

Postby Yhanthlei » 24 May 2011, 00:40

With the opening of year three, we see the start of an apparent Solar invasion of Black Hole waters. Although the battle lines around the sea of comets looks fairly even for now, the fate of Black Hole's northern island is in question. This development is accompanied by a partial demilitarization of the Ultramarine forces bordering the southern Solar islands. The Solar navy does not reciprocate this demilitarization, but neither does it press into Ultramarine waters.

In the south, Ultramarine forces annex the fish province despite the objections of the People's Army, who spent the turn in a desperate struggle against attacks from all sides. The Green Empire claims the fox supply center from Red forces and continues naval movements around the eastern side of the continent. Short of a diplomatic coup, it seems doubtful that the People's Republic will end the year with more than one supply center remaining.

Pedros has informed me that he will be unable to continue leading the Ultramarine nation, so I'll put out a call for an emergency player. Orders for Fall of Year 3 will be due roughly 72 hours after such a player is found, I will let everyone know the exact time and day. Let us all thank Pedros for his participation, for a nation well led, and for a game well played.

Edit to include orders:


WSP move NYS
SYS move SOC
ATB support SYS to SOC
SWE hold
SUB hold

Black Hole:

Hrt S Ksh-->Cra


A ste - fsh
F orc support A ste - fsh
F dpw - wtr
F jen support F dpw - wtr
F brd - ccn
F ber - sea
F bal - dpw

People's Republic:

F Etr - RES
F FSh - Dwn
A sky - FSH


Crs move fox
Chr Move Tko
Cor move Chr
Ecs move Cor
Wcs move Ecs
Wat move Wcs
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Re: 5 Player Diplomacy- Spring of Year 3

Postby Pedros » 24 May 2011, 10:46

Thanks yhanthlei. Sorry about this everybody - massive change of lifestyle is leaving me with very little spare time at present. I've told yhanthlei I'll keep submitting orders until a replacement is found, and I'll keep talking to you all as much as possible in the meantime.

Pity - it was looking like an intersting game!
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