5 Player Diplomacy- Spring of Year 1

Played on an abstract map. Devised and introduced by Yhanthlei. GM - Yhanthlei. Draw between BigBert and Flight253

5 Player Diplomacy- Spring of Year 1

Postby Yhanthlei » 09 May 2011, 09:35

Diplomatically telling moves mark the first season of five player dip, which I should really get around to naming. No nation NMRd, for which you have my thanks, although one unit was not given a conventional order in time.

In the north, a southern push by yellow meets the divided forces of the blue nation, fleets in the south and west yellow seas staring down vessels in the new baltic and whatever ccn was suppsoed to stand for. Whether they will divide territory peacefully or come to blows remains to be seen. Purple makes uncertain moves, defending their territory, securing a northern island, and, in an unorthodox move, ordered a naval commander to making an impassioned speech for peaceful cooperation.

In the south, red and blue forces rush for the center, opening the question of whether the supply center in state will go red or blue and revealing that most of the land provinces were named based on puns and color associations, as green fleets move out from their home island. Whether through luck or cunning green has secure access to the two satellite islands, but the alliances at work here have yet to reveal themselves.

The orders, as written:

Lim MOVE Cor
Lan MOVE Esc
Tre move Wat

A Fox - Sky
F Ise - Res (I couldn't tell if the fleet starting position was labeled ISE or RSE, but it's the northern more one). [GM Note: the province is rse, the red rose province]
F Crs - Dwn

Blue (Ultra Marines): [Would this make Pedros the Primarch or Chapter Master?]
F Brd - BAL
F Man - CCN
A Ber - Jen
F Mon - Not

Sub MOVE Sys
Dan MOVE Sub

Purple (Black Hole Republic):
Cow --> Hze
Pwr --> Dom
Ksh seeks diplomatic ties with yellow, red, blue, and green

I'll look forward to seeing the results of the next phase, orders will be due at 10pm Pacific Standard time this Tuesday (early Wednesday morning GMT)
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