Pure Diplomacy: Phase 2

A four-player game on a conventional map but without units: provinces are gained by Diplomacy only. Created and brought to site by kininvie. GM: Palin.

Pure Diplomacy: Phase 2

Postby Palin » 17 May 2011, 17:12

And someone said there should be more players in this! Phase 2 brings a mess on the map as Red turns against Yellow that turns against Green. Yellow seems to be losing ground as he suffers two bounces and loses Livonia leaving Warsaw surrounded and in a tough spot. On the other hand, Red seems not to pay for his two missing orders. The result is what you see below:

PureDip_Ph2.png (25.34 KiB) Viewed 800 times


Yellow (shavemybaby)
livonia claim prussia - claim in Livonia lost/fail
warsaw support livonia to claim prussia - bounce
brest claim gascony - bounce
English channel claim MAO - bounce
tuscany claim tyrrhenian - success
rome claim naples - success
bulgaria claim greece - success
constantinople claim ankara - success

Red (mr bump)
Territory Wales Cliams Territory Liverpool for Red. - success
Territory Irish Sea Claims Territory Ireland for Red. - success
Territory Sevastopol Claims Territory Moscow. - success
Territory Rumania Claims Ukraine for Red. - success
Territory St.Petersburg Claims Territory Livonia for Red. - success
Territory Gulf of Bothnia Supports Territory Livonia for Red. - success

Green (King Teraniar)
Norwegian Sea CLAIM Norway FOR Green - success
Clyde CLAIM Edinburgh FOR Green - bounce
Baltic Sea CLAIM Denmark FOR Green - success
Kiel CLAIM Holland FOR Green - success
Burgundy CLAIM Belgium FOR Green - success
Marseilles CLAIM Gascony FOR Green - bounce
Vienna CLAIM Bohemia FOR Green - success
Budapest CLAIM Galicia FOR Green - success

Blue (chrisman 39)
N. Sea- Claim Edinburgh - bounce
London- Claim York - success
Silesia- Claim Berlin - success
Prussia- Support Silesia Claim Berlin - success
Albania- Claim Trieste - success
Serbia-Support Albania Claim Trieste - success
West Med.- Claim MAO - bounce
GoL- Claim Spain - success

Deadline for Phase 3 is set at 16:00 BST/11:EDT, Saturday, 21 May,

Please check for errors.

PS. Green's orders are the only set that uses the proper syntax. For future reference, please note that support orders are given only for defensive purposes - all attacking orders are claims (there are no troop movements). Also, please include Pure Diplomacy in the Subject of your PMs to me regarding the game - it makes my life easier :)
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