April's Mentor Game

If you are new to the site, and especially if you are new to the game, this might be a good way to start some games. Mentors will help with the mechanics of the game.

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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby Shyvve » 28 Apr 2019, 02:43


I can tentatively commit (that vague enough?) to hosting a Mentor game around the middle of May. Anyone else wishing to try their hand at mentoring is of course encouraged to do so also.

Let me work through my current game load a bit and see where things stand. I don't want to keep the new folks who've expressed interest waiting too long, but, neither do I want to try to take on too much and do a crappy job at mentoring either.

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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby Yeesh » 28 Apr 2019, 11:54

Definitely interested in the next mentor game that's running if I could get added to the list!
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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby AW2591 » 29 Apr 2019, 22:52

I want to join a mentored game.


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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby UnaMica » 01 May 2019, 22:39

I am also interested inn learing the game from a mentor. Thank you.
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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby Bocos » 01 May 2019, 23:43

I'd like to join a mentors game too.

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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby whatzitmather » 04 May 2019, 04:14

I have not played in several years and would like to join a mentor's game. Thanks for putting this together.
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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby dweller » 10 May 2019, 13:47

I want to join a mentor's game.. I want to know when next mentor's game will be started.. please include me in the list I really want to play diplomacy
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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby Canswede » 18 May 2019, 03:49


I would very much like to join a mentored game. I played the tabletop version some 20 years ago or so but never online before.

If possible, please add me to the wait list for the next game (or the one after that if the wait list is full)

Thank you;
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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby james39562 » 22 May 2019, 14:46

Been playing for a couple of weeks, but really need to learn about the strategy. Please add me to the list.
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Re: April's Mentor Game

Postby ColFlag » 27 May 2019, 15:02

Hi I am new and would like to learn the game. I am interested in joining a mentor game. Thanks.
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