New Mentor Game (7/7) FILLED

If you are new to the site, and especially if you are new to the game, this might be a good way to start some games. Mentors will help with the mechanics of the game.

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New Mentor Game (7/7) FILLED

Postby Mortiferus Rosa » 27 Jan 2013, 20:09

I am once again beginning to get interest in another Mentor game so I am posting here to visualize how close I am to running another game. Please PM me if you are interested (i notice PM's much easier) and I will add you to the list. Soon as I get 7 I will send you all PM's with the game info and password.

Edit: Just so you are aware. A mentor game is designed for me to be around to answer questions about how to play the game. Ie. can this move here? how do I support this to there? I will not be answering questions on whether you should make a certain move or not. Also, for the sake of the others interested in playing do not join unless you are willing to stick it out to the end. No one likes a guy who quits because the chips are down because it ruins the game for everyone.

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Re: New Mentor Game (3/7)

Postby Fatmo » 27 Jan 2013, 23:00

If you get more players than seven I could run a second game. Never done this before but I've always kind of wanted to.
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Re: New Mentor Game (3/7)

Postby bindlestiff » 27 Jan 2013, 23:36

I've always been interested in mentoring as well. So, if you need another volunteer to mentor, I would be interested.
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