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PostPosted: 18 Apr 2011, 18:21
by rick.leeds
Welcome to the PlayDip Academy!

If you are new to Diplomacy, or even if you've played it before but are new to the site, this might be a useful sub-Forum for you. There is a section in here for Mentor games, games played with an experienced site member over-looking the game, and possibly involved in the game: take a look.

This post provides links that are on site to help you get into the game and the Forum.

The Rules of the Game are explained here. This is the RULES tab on your home page. It includes helpful videos to get you going. The following links can be found under the RULES tab, but these two have been placed here if you don't need the basics explained:
Extensive Rules
New Player Guide

A full set of game rules can be found here (this is an OFF-SITE link). The edition used is the 2000 Edition. There is a later edition (2008) but the rules were not changed in that edition.

Forum places to visit:
The New Members' Guide to the Forum
Site Rules (where the rules by which the site is run are explained).
Strategy (where members discuss playing strategy).
Rules (where you can get the rules of Dip clarified).
Games (where invitational games and variants are advertised).

And don't forget to go back to the Players forum and introduce yourself!

The more you use the Forum, the more you'll get from the site. Enjoy!