Il Assasinio : European Catastrophe

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Il Assasinio : European Catastrophe

Postby sriyam » 25 Nov 2016, 15:28

Hi, I like watching these games so I decided that they should be revived.
Year 2031, the world has just recovered from the Plague.It had devastated Asia and Africa and forced South and Central America into economic and political isolation. Meanwhile the only survivors of the Plague are now in Europe and have rebuilt society to pre-Plague levels, but these nations are more prone to war. A cold war between America, a liberal democracy and Russia, a totalitarian autocracy is also into effect, with proxy wars taking place time to time. The only person stopping total war between the nations is Steven Luperts, the ambassador of USA to the Coalition of Revolutionary States and one of the most influential leader of the Centrist Party of USA.The Centrist Party is the ruling party of USA with Domination International the chief opposition, closely aligned to the Centrists except for being much more aggressive in Foreign Policy.
The Economy of the world has Deteriorated and the most important city in the world is Genoa (Italy), the seat of the United Nations, the Coalition of Revolutionary States and the New York Pact present here.

22nd November 2031
Time: 7:36 AM
Place: Garibaldi's Square, Genoa
A cold, winter morning. The favorite destination of Rich Joggers and cyclists is bustling with activity. Steven Luperts, as usual, is seen jogging, though something happens quickly and he is falls down. The crowd gathers, as murder is something not seen in this part of the town. Someone calls the ambulance, but it is too late and his heart has stopped beating by now. His body is sent for postmortem.

Bill Steward, the most decorated Police Officer in the InterPol is called for a secret meeting in Genoa, little did he know that he is about to investigate the murder that is going to change the world forever.

Ok, so here are the roles, you can add a personality and other details to them-
+ Bill Steward- The Chief Investigative Officer of this case. I will play this.
+ Antonio Presin- A rival detective to Bill,he has an advantage because he is Italian. Strives to unlock the case before Bill.
+ Jacob Screens- A member of Domination International Party. A suspect because he was an opponent of Steven and his death meant rising of tensions, this means more votes to his party. A suspect
+ Lilianna Redig- A beautiful and irresistible Seductress who is a suspect because of her connections with him through illegal networks. A suspect
+ Giovanni- The most prolific criminal in Italy and a Don of the largest mafia in Italy. He knows Stevens through illegal networks. A suspect
+ Alexander Trevinsky- A Russian General and a influential leader. He heads a reformed KGB and is an avid supporter of war. A suspect
+ Burkhardt Kranz- A German arms-dealer and owner of the Bank of Europe. A suspect
+ Ali the Libyan- A terrorist with a huge army of Religious Fantasists who obey him dearly. A suspect
+ Il Mangiatore- A serial killer who terrorizes Genoa, killing people randomly. A suspect. To be played by condude 1.
Traits While not above using weapons to cripple someone, Il Mangiatore likes to finish the job with his bare hands. He's known for his elaborate traps, designed to weaken his prey before he finishes them off. He is sometimes paid by the mafia to kill targets they fear are too risky for them to go after themselves.
Secondary Objectives: Be directly responsible for the deaths of three people.
Inventory and money:
1 shotgun, loaded with shot designed to injure, but not kill.
1 handgun, as an emergency self-defense weapon.
An assortment of knives, which he is highly proficient in.
20,000 dollars, courtesy of the mafia paying him for some jobs.
+ Caroline Frère- She is a french journalist who is sent to Genoa to report the story, she becomes an important part of the conspiracy.
Pick them quickly!
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