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DoIaF2 Looking for reserves 7/7(Game 1) 7/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 00:18
by presser84
Results of the poll were that players prefer DoIaF. As much as my pride is mildly injured I will be GMing DoIaF again. There has been considerable interest so what I'm thinking of doing is running two games at once. I have 8 interested players thus far. If I get confirmations I will take the first 7 on that list but leave interest open to more players and start the second game when it gets to 7. I am also looking for reserves for either game.

I have taken the map and rules from this link and will modifiy them for use here.

I have modified the map and will use this for the game

Starting-Map_edited-1.gif (101.4 KiB) Viewed 4049 times

1) The regular rules of Diplomacy apply, except where amended below.
2) The game begins in Spring 298 AL (Aegon's Landing). The terms Spring, Summer, Fall, Autumn, and Winter will continue to be used to avoid confusion despite the fact that in this universe seasons are actually longer than years. And so the player of House Stark can frequently remind everyone that Winter Is Coming.
3) There are 33 supply centers (Kings Landing counts as 2, see section "Kings Landing" below), so the victory criterion is 17 supply centers at the end of any Autumn retreat season.
4) A draw accepted by all living players can end the game, but not until 5 game years have elapsed.
5) Houses may build in any unoccupied center under their control (build anywhere), representing the ability to call new Banner men upon assumption of a new lordship. The only exception to this is King's Landing, in which no house may build under any circumstances (see section "Kings Landing" below).

There are 7 Great Houses of Westeros represented in the game

Houses, Color, and Starting Centers/Units
House Stark (Grey) - Army Winterfell, Army Karhold, Fleet White Harbor
House Lannister (Red) - Army Casterly Rock, Army Crownlands, Fleet Lannisport
House Baratheon (Yellow) - Army Kingswood, Army Storm's End, Fleet Griffin's Roose
House Tyrell (Green) - Army Highgarden, Army Oldtown, Fleet Starfall
House Martell (Orange) - Army Yornwood, Army Godsgrace, Fleet Sunspear
House Greyjoy (Purple) - Army Harlaw, Fleet Great Wyk, Fleet Pyk
House Targaryen (Burgundy) - Army Pentos, Fleet Dragonstone

General Rules
All game territories are marked by their name. Any territory or island that is not marked with a name (such as Tarth and Skagos) is not a playable territory in the game (I need to make this edit to the map still)
All coastal territories have one coast except Beyond the Wall, Castle Black, and Braavosi Coastlands, which each have a west coast and an east coast, and Harrenhal, which has a north coast and a south coast.

Variant Rules
Rivers - There are certain rivers that are navigable by fleets.
The Trident
The Trident and its forks are drawn in dark blue to signify that it is not navigable. That is, Riverrun and the Kingsroad cannot be occupied by ships at all, and the Riverlands only have a west coast (bordering Ironman's Bay).
The Green Fork (northernmost) is the border between the Riverlands and the Kingsroad. The Red Fork (southernmost) is the border between the Riverlands and Riverrun. The main flow of The Trident is the border between Harrenhal and the Kingsroad and between Harrenhal and the Mountains of the Moon. All of these borders are like regular land borders.
The point where the forks of The Trident come together is impassable completely, meaning the Riverlands do not border Harrenhal and Riverrun does not border the Kingsroad.
The Blackwater
The Blackwater is drawn in light blue to signify that is is navigable, making it possible for fleets to move inland towards God's Eye, and vice versa. Therefore, all of the territories that border The Blackwater can be occupied by a fleet.
The Blackwater acts as King's Landing's border with the Kingswood, the Stormlands, The Reach, and Stony Sept, and as the border between the Crownlands and Stony Sept. These borders are like regular land borders.
The Mander
The Mander is drawn in light blue to signify that it is navigable, making it possible for fleets to move inland up to Highgarden, and vice versa. This means that Highgarden can be occupied by a fleet, and fleets can be built there.
The Mander acts as the border between the Searoad and Horn Hill. This border is like a regular land border.

GM Clarification- With regard to The Blackwater and Mander rivers. I interpet this to mean that a ship can move via these rivers to the locations they touch. That is to say that a fleet can not be "on the river."
example: Fleet King's Landing to Stony Sept. An order of Fleet Blackwater to Blackwater River is not a valid order.

Island Supply Centers
There are 6 island supply centers: Dragonstone, Great Wyk, Harlaw, Pyke, Shield Islands, and Tyrosh.
Island supply centers may be occupied by armies or fleets. An army or a fleet may be built in a home island supply center, provided other build rules are followed.
Armies may move between any of Great Wyk, Harlaw, and Pyke without assistance from fleets. Any army wishing to move elsewhere, or to move at all from Dragonstone, Shield Islands, or Tyrosh, must use a convoy.
Fleets occupying island supply centers may convoy an army through them, but the army may not land in the island supply center.
Note that The Arbor is not an island supply center; it is a coastal supply center that happens to only border seas.

The mountains on the border between Blackmont and Sandstone mean that movement between these two territories is not possible.
-removed from the map

King's Landing
As the seat of the Iron Throne and capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King's Landing is more important than a normal supply center. Therefore, it can supply two units, and is counted as two supply centers when determining if the victory criterion has been fulfilled.
At the beginning of the game, the power in King's Landing is split, and it supplies the Baratheon army in the Kingswood and the Lannister army in the Crownlands.
No House may build in King's Landing.
The supplies of King's Landing must be assimilated one at a time. Therefore, if a House that has no ownership of King's Landing occupies it at the end of an Autumn, it assimilates only one supply center. If the House wants to assimilate the other, it must ensure that it has a unit in King's Landing at the end of the following Autumn.
If a House which controls neither of King's Landing's supplies occupies it at the end of an Autumn, and King's Landing's supplies are split between two houses, the occupying house must specify from which House they are taking supply in King's Landing.
GM added rule With regard to Kings Landing, A player must stated which house they are "taking the supply of" in the Winter Builds Phase. If that player does not desire to take control of a supply that turn they may choose not to take it. Failure to indicate a side will result in no chance to Kings Landing. The unit in Kings Landing may remain there for the next phase. However, this DOES NOT defer any gain. The essence of this rule is that a unit can become a placeholder that sits on Kings Landing without gaining the supply(s) King's Landing provides.

Forum Specific Rules
Deadlines will be 3/1/1 Three days for orders, 1 day for retreats, 1 day for builds
Any orders not marked as provision or otherwise stated will process speed deadlines.

House Selection
There will be an auction for house selection. Each player has 160 points to bid with. You must bid at least 1 point for each house, whole numbers only. The max you can bid is 120 points for any one house. The player with the highest bid will be assigned that house. Ties will be resolved using

If you read nothing else in these rules read this. I hate NMRs. Anyone who NMRs 2 times through out the game will be removed. That said you just need to communicate with me if you need more time, or have a personal matter, or whatever and I will gladly extend deadlines or pause the game if need be. First turn NMR will result in Auto-removal

Posting in the game subform
Please refrain from posting a your own new thread in the games' sub-form. You may post in any thread and that will act as your public press


Game 1

Sinnybee (99.9%)


Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 00:40
by sinnybee
I'd like to be a maybe for game 2, please.

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 00:58
by Stanislaw
I'm in for game 1.

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 01:25
by Blackfish
This is turning out to be a very popular variant! :D

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 01:49
by ViscountSlim
Confirm me for Game 1.

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 04:04
by lecrae
I am so in!

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 18:33
by pjkon
Is this just open to people who have played the two previous versions? If not I'll play in game one.

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 18:36
by presser84
pjkon wrote:Is this just open to people who have played the two previous versions? If not I'll play in game one.

I opened game 1 to players who expressed early interest. I opened a second game if we get 7 more (which I anticipate us getting). Right now I have 1 or 2 for game 2. You would be the 3rd (only 4 more there). If not enough people confirm game 1 I can move you into that game. Can I put you in game 2?

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 19:04
by Phatality
I would like to play in game 1 if there is a spot available, else game 2 is cool with me.

Re: DoIaF2 Looking for players 1/7 (Game2)

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 20:26
by lecrae
then I play game one since I already expressed interest.