Game 2. GM:SidneyKidney. Winner: connect4 (England)

Standard map variant where each country sets their own success criteria. Created by SidneyKidney. GM: SidneyKidney. Winner: connect4

Re: Alternate Agenda: Game 2- Game complete!

Postby QueenOfHearts » 14 Oct 2010, 12:46

I took this one over as a surrendered country, and not letting anyone take any of your home SC for 5 years or however long it was, is NOT easy. Especially when you have Italy and Turkey on top of you, with a confused looking Russia. Throughout the game, I had NO idea what Russia was doing, especially since he seemed content to let me sit there and form a A/T alliance. As for the stab, I knew someone had to do it, and I had no way to gain any new SC to help myself be in a better position. So I tried the stab on Turkey, and all the while, Russia just sat there, even though he MUST have known what I was doing. (Although now I know his POV)

Great game everyone, hope to play again.

GAME NOTES: SK, I also believe that the game is not balanced enough, because there are so many aggressive agendas and so few passive agendas. Maybe make it 4 aggressive and 3 passive.
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