Suggestion for the main tournament...

4-qualifying rounds and a Final Board. TDs: Uncle Monty, Samarkand, Sheddy Winner: bitwise.

Re: Suggestion for the main tournament...

Postby lotr_freak » 21 Mar 2009, 07:08

jeanphi wrote:
disposablehero wrote:you sure you want that? you could be the worst of the worst!

I already know I am the last of the worst.. but did not someone said "the last will be first"? oh yeaaaaaaa that was the Chicago Cubs' president I think (this joke will only be understood in the US: sorry)

I just think the idea of all playing a 5th game would be fun ;) I don't know about you all, but personally I really enjoyed all the games with that tournament with great players (who all like to kill me for some reason but that's ok) and great attitude... ABSOLUT TOP MENTION FOR FUN: The swiss observer!!! :P

I agree, it's totally worth it. ;-) I'd want to play a 5th game!
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