Versailles II Fall Orders 1930!

GM: lordelindel. DIAS.

Versailles II Fall Orders 1930!

Postby Aeschines » 26 Feb 2010, 22:37

Orders received:

Firestorm94 (Greece)-
The -> Bul (success!) :D

Walder (Italy)-
F on Naples to TYS (success!) :D

Rolan A Doobie (USSR)-
A Fin -> Swe (success!) :D
F GOB Support A Fin -> Swe (success!) :D
A Mos -> Bye (success!) :D
A Kie Support A Mos -> Bye (success!) :D
F BLA Convoy A Con -> Mol (success!) :D

QueenofHearts (Turkey)-
Kur-Syr (bounce!) :?
Con-Mol (success!) :D
Ank-Con (success!) :D

Jeanphi (France)-
F BEL HOLD (success!) :D
A BUR - RHi (bounce!) :?
A PAR - BUR (bounce!) :?
A MAR Support Swis hold (success!) :D
A Swiz support PAR - BUR (bounce!) :?

Sroca (England)-
NTH sea move to HEL (success!) :D
NWG sea move to NTH (success!) :D
Liverpool move to IRI (success!) :D
Osl support Finland to Sweden (success!) :D

Shockj (Egypt)-
F - Pal MOVE Syria (bounce!) :?

Jobson15 (Czechoslovakia)-
Austria support Hungary to Croatia
Prague support Berlin to Munich. (success!) :D

Superplayer (Poland)-
Sweden hold (retreat!) :o
Danzig->EBS (success!) :D
Lithuania->Latvia (or whatever "Lat" is) (success!) :D
Krakow->Galicia (success!) :D
Pripet Marshes support Krakow->Galicia (success!) :D

Julano (Germany)-
Munich --> Rhine (success!) :D
Berlin --> Munich (success!) :D
Hamburg supports Munich --> Rhine (success!) :D
Holland supports the Turkish decision (success!) :D
Denmark supports Sweden to hold (success!) :D

Poflaco (Rumania)-
Buc S Theo-Bul (success!) :D

Mat.gopack (Spain)-
F Port-MAO (success!) :D
F Mad-Cat (success!) :D

Spring Retreats due ASAP! (That means Sweden!) I'll start looking for a new Yoguslavia now. I'll process orders when I get them or by Sunday at 11:59 pm PST
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Re: Versailles II Fall Orders 1930!

Postby superplayer » 06 Mar 2010, 22:04

Before I am replaced in this game for my absence:

Sweden retreat Finland. :D

That is all.
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