Versailles II!

GM: lordelindel. DIAS.

Versailles II!

Postby Aeschines » 26 Jan 2010, 06:52

Hello everyone! I wanted to get the ball rolling here. The deadlines will be 48/24/24 with extensions as needed (for players and GM). We've got three more needing to confirm and we can get started! Feel free to PM them.

GM: Lordelindel

Major Powers:
England: Sroca (confirmed!) :D
Russia: Rolan A. Doobie (confirmed!) :D
Poland: Superplayer (confirmed!) :D
France: Jeanphi (confirmed!) :D
Turkey: QueenofHearts (confirmed!) :D
Italy: AardvarkArmy (confirmed) :D
Germany: WalterEgo (confirmed!) :D

Minor Powers:
Rumania: Poflaco (confirmed!) :D
Greece: Firestorm94 (confirmed!) :D
Egypt: Shockj (confirmed!) :D
Spain: Mat.gopack (confirmed!) :D
Yugoslavia: His_flyness (confirmed!) :D
Czechoslovakia: Jobson15 (confirmed!) :D
Sweden: Unfunfunt (confirmed!) :D
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