Can't We All Just Get Along

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Can't We All Just Get Along

Postby Wolfensberger » 26 May 2022, 06:52

200493. Can't We All Just Get Along?
Sent: 16 Feb 2022, 22:46
From: Wolfensberger
To: Alman


This game has had multiple surrenders all of which are replaced by new players with zero past games played. Some accounts have been created same day as joining the game. All new players immediately support the advance of Austria/Russia with no regard to their own safety or overall map situation. Please investigate.
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Re: Can't We All Just Get Along

Postby super_dipsy » 27 May 2022, 05:47

I have checked out the game and happily I can assure you I see no evidence of cheating.

However, this situation is worth a comment because it has come up before. For a number of years now, Playdip has operated an algorithm that places games that are closest to full at the top of the Join game list of games. This means that games with a single surrender will usually come high up that list together with games looking for one more player to start.

When new players join the site, they go straight to Join game to find a game to play. They don't generally look for new games only but used the default option which is to show all games, both new and already active but with surrenders. They then usually join the top game or at least one near the top. This makes it fairly common that games with a surrender will find the new player joining with an account that has only just been created. This does not mean there has been any cheating. On top of this, new players often do not think to look at the game first to see what sort of position they are taking over, and it is not until they get in the game they find out. This means you also often see a rapid set of joins and surrenders once these players see a situation that is hopeless.

The final observation I would make is that when a player is doing well, it is often because they are very good at communicating / persuading :o and these people tend to be very good at immediately communicating with new joiners and therefore often getting them to do what they want :)

Anyway, no cheating in this game that I could see.
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Re: Can't We All Just Get Along

Postby ColonelApricot » 27 May 2022, 20:31

This is not a desirable situation if we want to minimise surrenders.

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