Suspicious live NMRs (Cleared)

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Suspicious live NMRs (Cleared)

Postby andrewlawton » 16 Jun 2020, 19:01

Hello team,

I'm writing about live (anonymous) game 178813.

All players reported non-responses from Germany and Russia both from the very beginning. Russia NMRd on the first two seasons and was auto-surrendered. Germany entered nonsensical opening moves in Spring 1901 then NMRd in the fall.

The fact that two players confirmed participation in a live game then subsequently ghosted the game seems too improbable to not be suspicious. Would welcome an investigation.
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Re: Suspicious live NMRs (Cleared)

Postby WHSeward » 16 Jun 2020, 20:28

No cheating here. That players don't show up isn't much grounds for an investigation - it happens.
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