Multi Acounting

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Multi Acounting

Postby tobydog4 » 11 Feb 2020, 18:57

I am playing a game as Germany and think that Russia, Italy, and probably Turkey are just one person using multiple accounts.

Germany - tobydog4

Suspected Cheaters:
Russia – spongebobsquarepants
Italy – squidward123
Turkey – Pattherat

Game Name: Snooze you lose
Game Number: 164901


I don’t have a premium account so I wasn’t able to look into their accounts but this is what I’ve got.

Spring 1901 I get a message from Italy saying he wanted permission to move Tyrolia to attack Austria. It was the first thing said to me by him and felt weird that he knew he was going to be attacking Austria right off the bat.

Later that turn I get a message from England noting how weird it is that Russia and Italy’s usernames came from the same show, and that they both have similar messaging styles using the same types of speech and only ever sending one or two sentence messages. I told him that even if these two things we’re just coincidences they were enough for me to participate in a western triple if he was willing.

Spring 1901 orders, Fall 1901, and Winter 1901 orders all pass with nobody in the east is attacking anybody other than Austria. England, France, and I work through some things but eventually agree to all go east. I also get messages from each of them saying the same lie that England and France are going to attack me. (This may be true, but I’m pretty sure it’s not and I figured I’d at least mention it)

Non of this is all unheard of and could just be coincidences, but today I opened up my messages after Spring 1902 processing last night to see three messages. One from Russia, one from Italy, and one from Turkey. I had received them all within 8 minutes. One from Russia at Feb 9 18:02, one from Turkey at Feb 9 18:08, and one from Italy at Feb 9 18:10. I looked back at my previous messages and realized this had happened twice before. On Feb 7 at 3:32 I got 2 messages from Russia, another Feb 7 at 3:34 from Turkey, and another Feb 7 at 3:37 from Italy. Additionally on Jan 31 at 14:44 I got a message from Russia and on Jan 31 ant 14:45 I got a message from Italy.

Since writing that last part Fall 1902 Orders have processed. I got three more messages. Two from Turkey and one from Russia. All within 4 minutes of each other. One from Russia on Feb 11 at 04:19, one from Turkey on Feb 11 at 04:21, and one from Turkey on Feb 11 at 04:23. Additionally I’m going to add what the two messages from Turkey said.

The first one reads “Well it seems quite obvious, the fact that they are leaving each other alone and France is putting all his forces on me.”

And the second one reads “When I say me, I mean once France defeats Italy and moves on.”

To put this into context, The first message is a response to me, Germany, asking why he, Turkey, thinks that England and France are working together against me, and if he has any proof. The current board state at the time had French fleets in the Mediterranean moving towards Italy. In no way was France putting all his units on Turkey. In order to do so he would first have to go through Italy. Then why did Turkey say me? My guess is because he forgot he was messaging as Turkey and not as Italy. He then realizes his mistake and sends a second message saying that when he said “France is putting all his forces on me”, he really meant “once France defeats Italy and moves on” presumably toward Turkey. In my mind this makes no sense and just adds to the pile.

None of this is super concrete evidence and according to your reporting cheating forum this isn’t enough to report, but after looking at how close the message times are, and the fact that it’s happened three times I decided that I’d be remiss If I didn’t at least report it.

Thanks for looking into this
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Re: Multi Acounting

Postby WarSmith » 15 Feb 2020, 11:46

What would Sandy say???
Thankyou so much for this report!
Our AI would’ve caught these players however you’ve helped us deal with it much faster :)

The following accounts are suspended for multi-accounting:
- squidward123
- spongebobsquarepants
- pattherat
- Patrick21
And thanks to Toby who reported the three in a single game I was able to dig and find this fourth account.

Game 164901 has been unranked and needs three new players!
Game 164962 and 165165 needs new players also.

All the best and thanks to the community who help our thin blue line keep gameplay fair :)
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