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Game 155058 - player removed

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2019, 08:55
by super_dipsy
I have had to remove a player from game 155058. This might be a good time to remind ALL players about the rules on making cheating accusations.

If you suspect someone is cheating, you should either post in the Cheaters forum or conact a Mod. You can use the Mods group on the forum Private Message system to do this. What you should NEVER do is make cheating accusations in the Public Press / Shoutbox. You must also refrain from threatening to report a player for cheating. If you think they are cheating, use Cheaters or PM a Mod....full stop. Nothing else. (BTW, I have removed the offending PP posts)

It is also worth noting that trying to be clever with your wording of Public Press posts is no protection. If it is clear the intent of your post is to accuse someone of cheating, it doesn't matter whether it contains the word 'cheat' or not.

I have had to remove the Austrian player in this game because not only did he make an accusation in the Public Press, but after then reporting it properly and then being warned for putting it in the PP, he continued to use the PP to pursue the suspected player. That was just plain stupid.

So to repeat, of course people get very upset if they suspect there is cheating going on. That is completely understandable. But I ask you all to imagine for a minute that the other player is innocent - how do you think they will feel if you post int he PP for everyone to see that you think they are cheating? How would you feel if you were accused of cheating? That is why the correct behaviour is ALWAYS to make these accusations to a Mod or int Cheaters (where it will remain private unless Mods confirm there is cheating happening).

Re: Game 155058 - player removed

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2019, 12:20
by Elric Hazard
Austrian position filled