Multiaccounting in the same game

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Multiaccounting in the same game

Postby khwebb » 05 Dec 2018, 05:57

We had France surrender in a game, and rather than continue with an empty seat we decided to find a replacement player. However instead of waiting for a replacement to be found the Turkey player created an alt account and joined as France. He even admitted as much in a private message to me!

Date: 4 Dec 18:54 Fall 1901 Build


hi I'm Vinny and my discord name is Vinny93

=======From ENGLAND Fall 1901 Build =======
who are you, what is your discord name?

The game number is 150759, France and Turkey are the same player. I could also post screenshots from Discord if additional evidence is necessary.

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Re: Multiaccounting in the same game

Postby super_dipsy » 06 Dec 2018, 08:12

The additional account has been removed. The player has been warned but allowed to remain on site since this was a Friends game and it is the first game the player has played here. It may be he did not realize he was breaking the rules, so he has been warned. Any further issues and the player will be banned.

It may be worth reminding players that although we are very flexible in general with Friends games, giving them a lot of leeway, players are NEVER allowed more than one account on this site.
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