Another one bites the dust

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Another one bites the dust

Postby WarSmith » 02 Aug 2018, 09:25

Well-spotted by Sirhlyon...

Users: Aayush, Mooseballs, Wackymore, Adeswal549, Austria_sucks_at_war
Were all operated by the same person.

The user has now been banned, having accepted none of our site rules.

Finished Games: 146797 'Game' and 138589 'Diplomacy' have been unranked. Game 138142 'Emporer Norton' has been left ranked as the cheating was so bad as to have no impact on any player or the outcome.

This was a fun one to investigate. It started with a report by another player of possible 2 accounts in a single game, with some good research into the two players history together (thanks Sirhlyon). Ended up with 5 accounts and some pretty stupid arguments.
The culprit claimed that the other person he was initially accused of sharing an account with was his friend. He went as far as to contact one of my fellow Mods during the game to ask if he could play with his friend (who he claimed was a playstation friend) - obviously he was told that it's OK to play with your friends as long as you respect site rules on metagaming and do your communication inside the game, and don't enter the game with a pre-set alliance. But once told that by the Mod (who had not looked at the details of the game, just responded to the simple PM) the player then tried to use this as cover for his cheating with public posts like 'I've been investigated and I'm all clean' in response to accusations from others. He most certainly was NOT clean. He (Aayush) maintained during the investigation that this other player (Wackymore) is a different person, that they live in different states and play playstation. When I confronted him with the fact that they seem to be logging in from the same physical location at very similar times - over a very consistent time period - he then claimed that the other player had lent him is login so that he could enter orders for him. That's kind of convienient... and based on the fact they have zero in-game communications in the multiple games they've had together, I can at least prosecute them for two types of Metagaming. Then looking at the second account having a fake email and never replying to my investigations (and only being logged in at the same times the other player was in) I'm happy to conclude they are a Multi anyway.
Now it gets interesting...
When looking more into the IP addresses and the messages in the final game played. I realise that this guy has TWO other accounts in the game. One came in as a sub. That meant he was playing 4 countries in a single game and was still losing! Not only did this guy suck at diplomacy, he also sucked at cheating at diplomacy and most certainly sucked at also explaining his cheating. He told me these were fake accounts. 'I don't care if you delete those' he went on... 'I can create new ones when I need'. Obviously this guy has some kind of psychological need to ignore pretty basic rules on cheating... In any case, he most certainly cannot create any new accounts when needed NOW because he's permanently banned.
I'm obviously not explaiing all the other evidence I collected to do with this - and there was plenty.
I leave you with my favourite quote from the email exchanges I had with him:
I don't want to waste your time, you asked for info and I gave you the absolute truth
He lied on absolutely everything he told me!
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Re: Another one bites the dust

Postby AKFD » 02 Aug 2018, 09:30

Mostly cheating cases end with the cheater accepting the site rules but this...

I honestly don't know what's going on with him tbh.
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Re: Another one bites the dust

Postby Strategus » 02 Aug 2018, 10:14

How can you lose when playing four countries? :mrgreen:
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