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Investigation on game number: (Redacted)

PostPosted: 22 Jul 2018, 19:03
by segea
Game Name: (Redacted)

Countries suspected: (Redacted)

(Country 1 and 2) had never attacked each other, they play as they are the same person. (Country 3) playing seemed like a good ally, but as soon as I propose a 3 way draw with (Country 4), he leaves the game and his sub it's a player named "do not have a name" who suddenly doesn't respond and makes NMR.

I know they're all bad feelings and no evidence, but there are a lot of strange things happen in this game. Please, if you can, try to investigate.

Thank you for your time.

Re: Investigation on game number: (Redacted)

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2018, 16:11
by WarSmith
No cheating here.
Just a standard sub coming in. You got unlucky with a ‘bad sub’ who didn’t help much... but that happens occasionally.
2 countries not attacking each other is no grounds for a cheating accusation.