145400 for Glory - Accusations of cheating

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145400 for Glory - Accusations of cheating

Postby crispy116 » 20 Jul 2018, 13:28

In this game, ENGLAND pulled off a stab a couple of years ago, which is fair play to them. But since that time TURKEY has been continually in public and private press accusing GERMANY of cheating and colluding with ENGLAND to assure their solo victory.

This has created a hostile environment where the game - where the outcome is actually already assured, is no longer fun for anybody involved.

TURKEY may be frustrated, or this may have been meta-gaming through accusation - it is not clear. Either way it seems as if TURKEY is breaking the rules of the site, specifically:
· Threatening to report a player for cheating in order to affect the game, or that player’s play, is not allowed.
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Re: 145400 for Glory - Accusations of cheating

Postby WarSmith » 02 Aug 2018, 16:33

Ok. What I can see is a public accusation of a private accusation of cheating.
The player publicly accused of doing the private accusation then does a neat job of not doing a public accusation despite being provoked into perhaps doing an accusation by those who were accusing him of making an accusation.
I’ve looked into the private messages and can’t see anything that a moderator should act on.
The player accused of the accusation got upset about potential kingmaking and pissed off the other player who decided (unwisely I’d say) to take it public and oust the other player as a whinger.
And in general that’s how I’ll conclude this. A bunch of whingeing and a sour game ending that i’m bloody glad I wasn’t in.
But no further action. Hope you all enjoy your next game and it’s not got too many accusations involved because this one hurt my head. That said I’m damn good at typing accusation now with my thumb in the iPhone :)
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