Metagaming: Donnica and lordelpas

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Metagaming: Donnica and lordelpas

Postby asjohnstone » 21 Feb 2018, 21:02

i'm not someone who claims cheating much, but I want to bring a pattern of behaviour to your attention with two users, lordelpas & Donnica. They are playing France and England in this game. I'm Germany, they allied in a fashion that seemed unnaturally fast.

I went and look at their game history. They have a history of sharing alliances and draws that goes way beyond what probability would suggest.

Game ID 137618. They started off as Italy and Turkey with a firm alliance from S01 that they took to a two way draw.

Game ID 139734. England and France again. Firm alliance from S01, again taken to two way draw..

Game ID 139382. Turkey and Russia. Firm alliance from S01. In F01 a Turkish fleet in Black Sea supported a Russian hold in Rumania. They lost but were instantly allied from start.

Game ID 138918 - Italy and Turkey (again). The shared a draw, once again solid alliance from S01.

Game 136741 - Another Italy / Turkey alliance where they share a draw. (it's rare but they seem to carry it off every time)

Game Id 136480. France / Germany Another seemingly pre-made alliance and draw.

Donnica features in 90% of lordelpas's game. They are always allied, certainly over the last 20+ games. I could list more, but I think this is enough.

I'd sugegst at a minimum it's meta gaming, but I find it hard to think it's not anything other than a pre-game alliance.

I don't think this game represents a fair contest of skill between players.
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Re: Metagaming: Donnica and lordelpas

Postby gareth66 » 22 Feb 2018, 02:06

Yes. Great report, and on investigation it is clear that there is an extensive history of pre-arranged alliances between these players. I contacted them both for an explanation and have not heard back from Donnica. However, lordelpas has been in touch to explain that they have frequent allliances in games because they trust each other based on previous games. He appears to be unaware that this is against the rules.

Both accounts have been disabled pending commitment to site rules, and have been removed from their currently active games. Games affected (all ranked, and all created by one or the other of them as select available countries) are:

140534 Tanks for the memories
141096 Revenants Unite
141098 Fleets afoot
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