Game:138780 Suspicious joining/surrendering

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Game:138780 Suspicious joining/surrendering

Postby AvocadoM » 10 Jan 2018, 00:02

A very strange joining happened a while ago in this game, Germany auto-surrendered and it's dislodged army (which is also its only and last one) was about to be destroyed when.... when someone, very suspiciously joined for just a few seconds made the retreat and then surrendered again.

I see no reason for a normal player to do that unless it is just a double account of someone in this game that had interest to keep this army alive a little longer.

Could a moderator check if this is truly what happened and answer here please? It would be much appreciated

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Re: Game:138780 Suspicious joining/surrendering

Postby gareth66 » 10 Jan 2018, 12:42

Yes, that is indeed what happened. The player joined, entered the order, then left again.

It is a bit of a strange way to behave, and the player concerned is the subject of some silliness in a Friends game that has been reported in Bugs as well. Strange, but not foul play. There is no evidence of cheating (the player has no connection with any of the other players in the game). One possible explanation is that he joined, entered his order, took a look at the board, decided the position was hopeless, and left. Another is that he was just fooling around, like he was in the other game.

We'll never know the motive, but there's nothing sinister.
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