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Metagamers caught + Position available in game 138655

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2018, 20:08
by WarSmith
The following accounts are quilty on multiple counts of Meta-gaming.
- Entering games with pre-agreed alliance
- Communicating outside of games


The investigation continues as to whether they are a multi-accounter. Due to many matches of IP-Address.
In any case: Previously concluded games affected by cheating have been unranked.

Due to suspension, player has been removed from:
138655 Diplodocus
A replcement is needed - not a bad position!
The deadline is extended to find someone.

Don't do the cheating stuff people.

Re: Metagamers caught + Position available in game 138655

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2018, 01:56
by WarSmith
We have a positive conclusion to this case.
The two close family members who were found guilty have been very open in communication during the investigation and have fully agreed to abide by site rules in future. Their accounts will be reinstated after a one week suspension.
Always nice to resolve in a positive way for all involved and educate about the site rules on communication, it is one of the less understood areas of metagaming.