Possible Multiaccount? - [CLEARED]

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Possible Multiaccount? - [CLEARED]

Postby Locutus » 02 Jan 2018, 15:41

[redacted] - game number: [redacted]

France: [redacted]
England: [redacted]
Both accounts created on [redacted]
Both Ambassadors
Allied with each other from the outset (although I understand that is no indicator).

I have just received a message from France indicating the French fleet "up north" should cause Russia some alarm; however, France has no fleet in the north, though England does - in Barents Sea. "Russia could be interested by my Fleet up North".

Thin evidence to be sure, but if you have a moment free - I don't often run into suspicions of unsportsmanlike behavior, but this one has triggered me twitchy eye.

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Re: Possible Multiaccount? - [CLEARED]

Postby gareth66 » 06 Jan 2018, 20:54

Had a look and there's nothing fishy going on here at all.

(You're right, it's a very thin basis for a request, so the fact that there is nothing untoward is hardly surprising.)
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