Cross-game interactions/Equal Treatment

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Cross-game interactions/Equal Treatment

Postby Stew.McD » 27 Dec 2017, 23:51

Game number: 136980 ("Truly Something")
Country suspected: Turkey (Martialist)
Nature of cheating suspected: Cross-game interactions/Equal treatment

At some point during game 136980 ("Truly Something"), Martialist joined the game as a surrendered Turkey. I was playing as France. The game was not anonymous. Martialist and I had previously played a game together (135849, "Brexit") in which I backstabbed him to claim a solo victory. As I was just short of a solo victory (16 centers) in "Truly Something," I tried contacting Martialist as Turkey (I had forgotten that I'd had a previous interaction with him), and after a significant delay, Martialist sent me the following message and cc'ed the remaining players:

Date: Dec 12 2017 04:29 (GMT) Fall 1909

Re:Two-way draw

Remember "Brexit"?
I joined this game just so as to help stop you from getting the solo.

=======From FRANCE Fall 1907 Orders =======
My offer of a two-way draw still stands. If you move Galicia-->Warsaw, Trieste-->Vienna, and Serbia-->Budapest, and if you steal either Tunis or Naples from Italy, you'd gain four centers, bringing you up to almost as many as me and putting you in a great position against Italy/Russia. I could finish with Scandinavia/Germany, and when the other players eventually surrender or are eliminated, we can have a draw.

=======From FRANCE Fall 1906 Build =======
It'll be very difficult for me to achieve a solo victory. Would you like to try for a two-way draw? Russia and Austria lie open for you. I can root out Germany, we can split Italy, and then end the game.

I then responded, and he responded back with the following:

Date: Dec 12 2017 04:48 (GMT) Fall 1909

Re:Two-way draw

Not "any" player, but a "certain" player.

=======From FRANCE Fall 1909 Orders =======
Ah! I didn't make the connection. Hello, old Germany. Sorry for the backstab, though just about any player in my position would have taken the solo. It seems a bit sad to hold a grudge across multiple games.

=======From TURKEY Fall 1909 Orders =======
Remember "Brexit"?
I joined this game just so as to help stop you from getting the solo.

Martialist admitted to joining the game solely as vengeance for a previous game. This violates a litany of rules, including "Cross-Game Interactions" and "Equal Treatment." Please investigate and make amends.
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Re: Cross-game interactions/Equal Treatment

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 28 Dec 2017, 01:19

This is indeed against site rules, and will be handled privately. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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