Cross-game interactions/Equal treatment (Martialist)

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Cross-game interactions/Equal treatment (Martialist)

Postby Stew.McD » 27 Dec 2017, 02:39

Game Number: 136980
Suspected Player: Turkey (Martialist)
Rule Affected: Cross-game interactions/Equal treatment

In the middle of the game, Turkey surrendered, and Martialist took over. I was on the way to a solo victory (14-ish centers) but realized that I might not make it and offered Turkey a deal for a two-way. After quite a bit of silence, Turkey responded:


Date: Dec 12 2017 04:48 (GMT) Fall 1909

Re:Two-way draw

Not "any" player, but a "certain" player.

=======From FRANCE Fall 1909 Orders =======
Ah! I didn't make the connection. Hello, old Germany. Sorry for the backstab, though just about any player in my position would have taken the solo. It seems a bit sad to hold a grudge across multiple games.

=======From TURKEY Fall 1909 Orders =======
Remember "Brexit"?
I joined this game just so as to help stop you from getting the solo.

=======From FRANCE Fall 1907 Orders =======
My offer of a two-way draw still stands. If you move Galicia-->Warsaw, Trieste-->Vienna, and Serbia-->Budapest, and if you steal either Tunis or Naples from Italy, you'd gain four centers, bringing you up to almost as many as me and putting you in a great position against Italy/Russia. I could finish with Scandinavia/Germany, and when the other players eventually surrender or are eliminated, we can have a draw.

=======From FRANCE Fall 1906 Build =======
It'll be very difficult for me to achieve a solo victory. Would you like to try for a two-way draw? Russia and Austria lie open for you. I can root out Germany, we can split Italy, and then end the game.


I'm not arguing that without Turkey I'd definitely win a solo (I ended the game with 16 centers and shared a six-way draw with all players but England). But Martialist clearly acted the way he did because of my actions toward him in a previous game (Brexit, 135849), in which I backstabbed him for a solo victory. I now only play anonymous games because I don't want him to try to join in the middle to interfere.

Can anything be done about this?
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Re: Cross-game interactions/Equal treatment (Martialist)

Postby gareth66 » 07 Jan 2018, 12:37

This is a second post reporting the same issue that you flagged up in another post the same day. There's is no need to report things twice. The matter has been handled, as advised in the other post.
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