Six Accounts/One Player

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Six Accounts/One Player

Postby 刺 » 24 Dec 2017, 07:56

Just finished an anonymous players game 138397. world war two thousand five hundred and seventy nine won by Kronington as England:

    France & Germany retreated their units so as to allow England to take over without any fight whatsoever.

    Despite it being an anonymous players game, Italy & Austria attacked Russia & Turkey in perfect harmony without any concerns about each other (leaving themselves open to potential stabs) nor concerns about any of the other players (Germany & France) either.

    Despite England having invaded France, threatening Italy, and being close to winning the Solo, an army gets convoyed from London to Syria by not only English fleets, but also by fleets from France, Italy, and Austria (4 countries coordinating such a move from one end of the board to another!).

After the game ended, I did some research that leads me to conclude that 5 players in this game are one and the same person, and I've also uncovered one additional suspect account:

Six Accounts/One Player
Kronington 2 finished games Registered: Jun 26 2017
Roman Torchwick 1 finished game Registered: Jun 26 2017
TrueBrutus 1 finished game Registered: Jun 27 2017
Just Kronika 1 finished game Registered: Jun 27 2017
sir h 1 finished game Registered: Jun 27 2017
MarioG204 ? Registered: Jun 26 2017

GAMES AFFECTED and players involved:

138397. world war two thousand five hundred and seventy nine
Kronington (Engand) SOLO WIN
TrueBrutus (France)
Roman Torchwick
Just Kronika
sir h

132246. europe but better
Kronington SOLO WIN
Roman Torchwick

132225. oh no
Kronington SOLO WIN
Roman Torchwick

132282. kron is ok
Roman Torchwick SOLO WIN

132207. Kron's european conquest
Kronington SOLO WIN

138192. kaiser vs meatball
Kronington SOLO WIN

138191. The Arctic Union in WW1
Kronington & MarioG204 2-way-draw

Additional info of interest:

Shoutbox Message with image featuring the caption "the person above is hella gay" submitted:

    by Kronington as France in 138190. GiesIsTheCall

    by Just Kronika as Germany in 138397. world war two thousand five hundred and seventy nine

Message just saying: "oh"
    in Shoutbox by Kronington as England in 132207. Kron's european conquest
    to me by Roman Torchwick as Italy in 138397. world war two thousand five hundred and seventy nine after writing to both Italy and Austria: "If you're both helping England win the game, you're doing an excellent job! If that's not your intention, then you're totally inept."

Currently active game that bears watching:

138263. Controlled Burn
Roman Torchwick (Turkey)
TrueBrutus (Russia)
Kronington (England)

I have no doubt that this is a case of multi-accounting and I'd very much appreciate if you were to check into this. Thanks!
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Re: Six Accounts/One Player

Postby WarSmith » 26 Dec 2017, 01:01

Excellent report!
Now dealt with:
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