Pre-Game Alliance (Action taken)

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Pre-Game Alliance (Action taken)

Postby Damon Huntington » 21 Dec 2017, 18:46

- Game Number: (REDACTED)
- Users: (REDACTED) and (REDACTED)
- Offence: Pre-Game Alliance / Persistent Alliance (Items 'a' and 'd' of Cheating Rules, as per the Site Rules).


Initially, it must be noted that both players have a pattern of joining games together with the intent of benefiting the player (REDACTED) to the best of the extend. Past games in which they have joined together were (REDACTED: half a dozen games mentioned).

In these games, both players always ally to each other and show a pattern of consistent help, denoting a pre-game alliance. Furthermore, when things do not go as planned, (REDACTED) sacrifices himself for the sake of (REDACTED). A good example is the game (REDACTED)), in which (REDACTED) left the area defending from Turkey unprotected (which proves the pre-game alliance and the previous link of trust between player), then surrendered an 8-SC position to further the advantage for his teammate.

The same pattern of behaviour happened on the present game, (REDACTED). Right from the beginning of the game, Russia and Austria allied in a complete manner, consistent with the pre-game/persistent alliance behaviour as exposed by their previous interaction. Once Austria's position became unsustainable, he sacrificed for his teammate (REDACTED details).

These elements lead to the following conclusions:

A - There is a pattern of mutual help between (REDACTED) and (REDACTED), which have been proven by their previous interaction within games. This pattern of help transcends the limit of a customary interaction, as they have shown to work together in all games they joined.

B - This pattern of interaction is constituted by the player (REDACTED) aiding the player (REDACTED) through any possible means, including the throwing of the game if necessary. This has been proven by the Order History of the analysed games, and might be further confirmed through the checking of Personal Messages between players.

C - This behaviour occurred in the present game numbered (REDACTED), which provided Russia with an unfair advantage.

Corroborating Elements:

The following pieces of data cannot be considered as evidence for the claims written above, but they must also be documented (as per the guidelines of Investigation Request).

- Austria (REDACTED) refused to contact me, despite my constant attempts to coordinate with him.
- Austria handed Supply Centers to Russia.
- There are signs of an unequal alliance between Austria and Russia.
- Strange movements, such as the attack against a supporting unit, were made by Austria.
- There are multiple shared games between Austria and Russia, none of them with the type "Friends".
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Re: Pre-Game Alliance (Action taken)

Postby WarSmith » 29 Dec 2017, 20:03

firstly thankyou for your very complete submission. It really helps when a report of this quality is received.

As often with metagaming it gets very hard to find full and substantive evidence for cheating. That's despite the fact that we Mods have MANY tools at our disposal.
Much of what you've detailed can unfortunately not be proven at all, or may even be a misunderstanding of the game situation. The game which you describe as 'present' for example is one game where no clear evidence for cheating can be seen.

However there was evidence proven for some minor communication outside of the site interface in other games.
That is against site rules and action has been taken on that.

The players have been served a short suspension and recieved a clear warning about the site rules on metagaming.

In this case the players were very forthcoming and honest in their interaction with us during the investigation, they were contrite and committed to abide by site rules in the future.
I've therefore decided not to publish their details.

All the best and I hope to see you in a game soon!
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