Possible pre-game partnership

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Possible pre-game partnership

Postby lozo » 16 Dec 2017, 21:42

Game [redacted]
Suspect player: [redacted]
Reasons: [I play [redacted]]
My interaction with [redacted]:

=======From [redacted player Y] Spring 1901 Orders =======

Sorry, but I know this is a lie, because I and [redacted country X] play together and we are friends. Good luck with your game.

=======From [redacted player Z] Spring 1901 Orders =======
I've been getting some really sketchy vibes from [redacted player X]. I would happily ally with you, should they decide to make the foolish move of attacking.


My interaction with [redacted player X]:

=======From [redacted player X] Spring 1901 Orders =======

I know you're lying and you're trying to play me against [redacted player Y] and she against me, so it's ugly for you.
Me and her have been friends for some time and we played in several rooms together.
You started with a bad move, but I will not attack you, I want to take the empty territory.

=======From [redacted player Z] Spring 1901 Orders =======
[redacted player Y] says they may move to the channel. It would be a foolish move against you, but just a heads up.

This is my first report, and one of my first games, so if I'm doing something wrong, please inform me.
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Re: Possible pre-game partnership

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 16 Dec 2017, 22:16

Please refrain from putting identifying information about yourself or the other players in posts reporting anonymous games. The proper way to report an anon game is to PM the "cheater hunters" group.

This is being looked into.
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