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Possible Multiaccounting?

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2017, 18:18
by Damon Huntington
- Game Number: 137993 (May Odds Forever Be In Your Favour)
- Suspected Players: Austria (Melly) and Germany (marylilly).
- Rule Affected: Multiaccounting.

Data Report:
During the execution of the game, there were certain characteristics that aroused my suspicion, although they were not definitive proof - however, for the sake of a thorough explanation, I will mention these events as substantiating evidence. First was the speech pattern that both players used: they both employed the same kind of writing by prefacing their messages with "I was very happy with your message" and other similar expressions. Furthermore, they seemed very adamant about keeping each other's trust (not definitive evidence, but something that made me wary nonetheless) and referred to themselves as "we".

Until this moment, there was no reason to substantiate my suspicion. However, a turn of events has made the possibility more concrete - both Austria and Germany have surrendered in the same minute on this game. One might argue that this does not necessarily mean that they were the same account (for example, Germany could have surrendered because of Austria's surrender); however, I find it difficult to believe that one would refresh the game at the exact time of the other person's surrender and conduct all of the actions required (open the Public Press, read the message, close the Public Press and surrender) before time ticked to the next minute.

These points of evidence, albeit far from conclusive, might show a strange pattern that, in my opinion, warrants a closer observation.

Re: Possible Multiaccounting?

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2017, 01:00
by nanooktheeskimo