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Suspected Collusion

Postby Samlloyd13 » 12 Nov 2017, 21:27


I suspect two of the players in a current game of cheating. The game is [redacted].

Two of the players in the game: [redacted] have had an alliance since the game began, and have held this alliance through thick and thin.

I have searched for these players in past games. [redacted]. Further, the majority of games that these people have played in appear to have been 3v3 training games. I am therefore suspicious that these players entered game number [redacted] with a pre-arranged alliance.

Many thanks

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Re: Suspected Collusion

Postby gareth66 » 07 Jan 2018, 12:51

First of all, apologies that nobody has been able to pick this up before now.

Seconly, I have taken a look and, whilst the players do know each other, there is no evidence that their alliance in this game was pre-arranged. (All developments in this game seem to have been negotiated bona-fide in-game, and there is not enough history of non-Friends games between them to be able to deduce anything from patterns of play across multiple games).

Even if it was pre-arranged (for which there is no proof), there is little that could be done as the game was already norank (so unranking is not an option) and finished a while ago.

However, thank you for bringing it to our attention, as we will be able to keep an eye on patterns of play between these players in future.
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