There has been some discussion on how rare 2-way draws are

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There has been some discussion on how rare 2-way draws are

Postby kwc » 21 Aug 2017, 04:35

See 131940. DESPACITO

2-way draws are rare because one player or the other can usually solo

England and France are in a 2-way draw where either one of them could have had a solo (at one point or another)

I don't know if that counts as cheating or not, but I thought meta-gaming is not allowed.

The msg below explains why France is turning down his opportunity to solo. The msg contains several pretty explicit references to meta-gaming.

The rules should be clear about what meta-gaming is, and what's allowed and what isn't.

From: FRANCE Reply
Date: Aug 20 2017 21:58 (GMT-5) Fall 1916 Orders

Re:so how much do you really trust England?

I am a man of my word. I value my reputation in the real world as well as the fictious. I swore to maintain my alloance with England and will not be swayed. Unless he truly gave me a reason to mistrust him...then I might consider. I will kindly ask for you to accept a 2-way draw now. We could have had a 3-way. But your paranoia made it difficult to get England to agree to any draw that included you. Sorry, it didnt work out this game. Maybe in another we can reconnect and work as partners. You were a competent rival in both games we have played. Friend or foe, I try to remain courteous and respectful. I prefer friends over foes, especially given your level of competence.
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Re: There has been some discussion on how rare 2-way draws a

Postby asudevil » 21 Aug 2017, 06:00

Neither cheating nor metagaming. The rule is to go INTO the game seeking the best result...but once you are in there...changing your mind to carebear draw totally allowed. Even going into a game trying to draw is long as you don't go into the game intentionally to draw with "x" player

Sorry man. Not cheating...not against the rules...people just play differently
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