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For further inspection

Postby Friendly Neighbour » 10 Aug 2017, 11:29

Game: "133549. A Random Game"

Suspected cheating users: Thomasdegraafmachine playing Austria and Luchanenburg playing Russia.

Both players registered 3rd July 2017.

Luchanenburg has been involved in nine games and Thomasdegraafmachine has been involved in eight games. They have both participated in six games together.

First game for both was against each other (132431. sgl).

In their second game together (132301. domiNATION) they both joined a preexisting game, but as the same country (Germany) one after the other. Luchanenburg was only in the game for a minute.

In their third game together (132404. Euro Slaughter) Thomasdegraafmachine played from the start and Luchanenburg joined the game later, replacing another player, again for only a minute.

In their forth game together (132412. Crusaders) Luchanenburg started a game as Austria. Thomasdegraafmachine replaced Italy in Fall 1903. Prior to Thomasdegraafmachine joining, Austria and Italy were hostile. This appears to change until their surrender in 1905. Although they may just be focused on the attacks from either side at this stage.

In their fifth game together (132598. ghfghf) Luchanenburg plays as Italy and Thomasdegraafmachine plays as England. They both play from the beginning. They are both quite successful individually and together. They are clearly allied and leave themselves vulnerable to each other and support each other in moves. It is only in Spring 1908 that they become hostile towards each other, after the other players are no longer a threat.

In their current game (133549. A Random Game) they are playing much the same. As Russia and Austria they have left themselves vulnerable to each other and have pushed their forces outwards. I would expect that they will only turn on each other at the same stage as their last game together.

I suspect that they may know each other outside of playdiplomacy and have a prearranged alliance.

Thank you for your time reading this and following this up.
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Re: For further inspection

Postby WarSmith » 27 Aug 2017, 21:55

Thankyou for your post, this led to a successful investigation!
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