Multi-accounting: JINS/AttackAttack0401

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Multi-accounting: JINS/AttackAttack0401

Postby JonS » 25 May 2017, 05:10

While conducting regular surveillance, determined users JINS and AttackAttack0401 are controlled by the same person.

When I contacted the user, he immediately confessed, and said he created the second account to fill surrendered positions in games he plays to help speed up the game in case of surrender. While the use of the second account is consistent with that story - used in surrendered positions - it was also consistently used to better the performance of his primary account.

JINS has been forthright, relatively helpful, and honest, and has committed to following site rules in the future. Given that, the primary account JINS will be restored (has been suspended during my investigation). Second account AttackAttack0401 will be closed.

Like all such cases, the JINS account will be monitored in the future for possible future violations.

Five games affected, four have ended, one active is in very early stages. The four games that have ended (128798, 129179, 129211, 130375) were all not ranked, and as such no action was taken. For the active game (130375) -- as the game is only in Spring 1902 I will not unrank the game.

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