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Forum rules
In addition to the general Forum Guidelines there are additional rules for posting in this forum.
1. DO NOT POST BEFORE READING THIS: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=54352
2. Any Post made to influence a game is cheating and may cause You to be removed from the game.
3. DO NOT put the names of the players involved in the TITLE of the post. They can be given in the post, if necessary.
If the game is anonymous, including Gunboat and Public Press Only, send a Private Message to the Cheater-hunters group.


Postby Alman » 17 Dec 2016, 19:25

Requesting an Investigation

Report MUST Have
    - The game number: Including the Name might help, but the Number is Necessary.
    - Countries & usernames suspected.
    - The Nature of the Cheating Suspected. Check out the Site's Rules summary, at least, to define what is going on.
-Evidence : If you don't have this, Don't Report!
    - One of two CONCRETE examples of possible cheating.
      Cross-power support in a Gunboat game
      A Pattern of shared alliances across numerous games
      Any Threat to change play in Any Other game, or any specific reference to actions in a previous game.
      Any Reference to a Pre-game alliance. "Me & my buddy agreed to be allies in this game." (Again, proof, not suspicion!)
When NOT to Report:
    This 'feels' wrong...
    Yes, occasionally a 'wrong feeling' may lead you to believe something needs reporting. If this is the case, please DON'T POST IN CHEATERS.
The Following Reasons are RARELY EVER signs of cheating. If you are starting with one of these, you need to dig for some evidence. If MOST or ALL of these are true, that might be a good report, but DOCUMENT them in your report!
    - No messages: Maybe the player simply isn't talking to you?
    - Mixed messages: It isn't all that rare for a player to get confused over which power he's playing.
    - Messages received at the same time: Usually nothing to do with cheating but a coincidence. Actually, messages received within a few minutes of each other may well be a better indication...
    - Writing style: A similar style, especially where this shows some peculiarity, may simply mean the players have English as a second language.
    - Handing over SCs: Is there something in the game which may explain why this is going on?
    - An unequal alliance: It is feasible that this is the only way to progress or that one player is being gullible.
    - General strange play: What makes it strange? Maybe it makes sense to the player.
    - 'NMRs'/surrenders at the same time: Perhaps they have internet difficulties (sharing a computer of access point isn't cheating on its own) or both got sick of the game at similar points.
    - Lots of shared game: What class of games are they? Perhaps they're friends.
    - New player: Perhaps she's joined the game as a replacement but has allied with your opponent. There could be all sorts of reasons for that.

Please keep in mind that Moderators will not investigate a game if:
    - Basic information is not included. A Mod may still investigate if it is easy to locate the game but won't waste any time hunting a game down.
    - There is not enough evidence. A Mod will not investigate a game without evidence being provided.
    - Where a member has a 'feeling', this should be supported by other strange 'evidence'. A Mod will not investigate a game based on strange play or strange events.

There are good reasons for this. All Mods are volunteers; if you want a game investigated it is reasonable for you to put some effort into looking at the circumstances yourself so that Mods aren't wasting their time unnecessarily. We also take a dim view of members attempting to get opponents removed from a game on flimsy evidence or feelings as this may mean that a player is trying to influence a game by using the Forum.

Finally, anonymous games.
Any game which is anonymous (including Gunboat and PPO games) should be reported anonymously. This can be by:
    - Sending a PM to the cheater-hunter team, or
    -Post in the Forum, Clearly indicating it is an anonymous game. We will take note of the report and Anonymize it before making it visible. (All Cheater posts are moderated before public posting)

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