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Is this cheating? Moderator please review.

Postby Barton Boys » 14 Apr 2018, 22:24

Game 143027 Trench Foot:

Just completed with French solo win with questionable tactics by England to ensure French victory and England's own destruction at game end. Result is that Russia and Turkey end the game as losers to solo victor France while England eliminates itself.

Has England violated one of the fundamental rules of play by not trying for the best result possible for itself?

Also is it cheating to give away all your remaining supply centers? (from Fall 1909 to game end England vacated all 7 of its own supply centers directly to France without any effort to defend any of them).

In Spring 1909 France had 11 supply centers and England had 7, Russia 7 and Turkey 6.

England was upset by the Russian decision to take St. Pete temporarily in return for a halt to French aggression in the Spring Turn.
It was returned to England that Fall without loss to England.

England declared a French victory in advance and played the remainder of the game to ensure a French solo and making petty remarks.

Not sure if this is cheating but it is not an equitable result as Russia and Turkey had 16 centers together.
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Re: Is this cheating? Moderator please review.

Postby nanooktheeskimo » 14 Apr 2018, 22:39

This is exactly what NOT to report.

From the guidelines of what is and what is not worth reporting:

Handing over SCs: Is there something in the game which may explain why this is going on?

You've already described in your post that there is.

General strange play: What makes it strange? Maybe it makes sense to the player.

Kingmaking is a relatively common aspect of play.

To sum up: don't report kingmaking. If these players share a lot of games together and the England player ALWAYS throws to the France player, that would be something to report. Someone kingmaking is not worthy of being reported. Being frustrated at the result is also not a reason to report a game. Next time you're thinking of reporting a game, check the information posted in big red box at the top of the forum first.
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