Orders Glitch- server issue [no bug]

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Orders Glitch- server issue [no bug]

Postby joedag420 » 19 Jan 2021, 05:58

I cannot submit orders; every time I try I receive the message "Connection to server lost, try again." Anyone else with this issue?
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Re: Orders Glitch- server issue

Postby super_dipsy » 19 Jan 2021, 10:13

joedag420 wrote:I cannot submit orders; every time I try I receive the message "Connection to server lost, try again." Anyone else with this issue?

When you are trying to send messages or submit orders, particularly on a phone, if the connection is not available at the point you try to submit them then the risk is they may be lost. This is particularly annoying with messages, where you may have spent considerable time writing them only to lose it all because the connection fails. So what we do is to check before submtting that the connection is there.

Normally, you know if you lose connection and you can try again when it comes back. It is slightly less clear when you are on a phone in a dodgy area because your connection can keep dropping and picking up again. You just have to try again when it is more stable. If the problem persists, you might need to try to find another device with better connectivity to get the orders in for example.

Having said that, this sort of functionality can be quite dependent on browser technology. Perhaps your browser is stopping it working. Has it ever worked for you? If it has, then it is more likely it is your connection being unstable. If it has never worked, or is consistently not working now following an upgrade of your browser, then that could be a browser problem.

have you tried it with a different browser?

Oh, and the other thing to do is to clear your browser cache and try again. It could be a stale cache screwing up the determination of online vs offline
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