185864. Destroy and Create

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185864. Destroy and Create

Postby schwat » 06 Dec 2020, 06:43


We are playing a game amoung friends, and just finished the first build phase.

England indicated that he finalized a build of an army in Edinburgh, but when the game went to the next step, no army was created.

As this is a game for fun, we believe him and would appreciate if an army could be placed in Edinburgh for him. He currently owns 4 cities, but with only 3 units on board.

Happy to answer any questions needed, and thanks very much for your help!
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Re: 185864. Destroy and Create

Postby super_dipsy » 06 Dec 2020, 07:53

Welcome to the site!

Normally we do not alter in-flight games unless there has been some sort of major systems error. However, since this was the first move and you are all just starting out here, I have (I hope) put an Army on Edi as you requested. But be aware this will normally not be possible.

A good thing for all players to get in the habit of is always clicking 'refresh orders' on the Orders tab once you have entered your orders. Sometimes you may submit an order but it will only register at your end and never reach the server, in which case it will not be executed. This can happen if you have an unreliable connection for example. But if you click Refresh Orders, it forces the game to read what is currently stored in the Orders database on the server, guaranteeing you are seeing exactly what will be executed.

I hope you enjoy your game :D
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Re: 185864. Destroy and Create

Postby schwat » 06 Dec 2020, 10:02


Just want to say thanks so much for your speedy help and support!
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Re: 185864. Destroy and Create

Postby Pops2112 » 06 Dec 2020, 10:34

Hello @schwat. The other solution to this, in a Friends game (or even in other formats, if everyone trusts what is being said), is that you just cycle through 1902 by everyone entering and finalising Hold orders for all units for Spring 1902, then again for Fall 1902. Then the power that missed its 1901 Build (England in your game) gets it in 1902. Set the arrangement up via Public Press to make sure everyone is on board - and if everyone does agree the plan but then someone opportunistically does not execute, 6 v 1 crush the traitor!
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