Move and Move via Convoy orders exchanged - NO BUG

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Move and Move via Convoy orders exchanged - NO BUG

Postby Sebaritico » 18 Nov 2020, 19:18

game number: 185141

The orders "Move" and "Move via Convoy" are exchanged. I say this because the possible destinations you can choose under "Move" are the ones expected for "Move via Convoy" and vice versa.
Thank you in advance for the help
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Re: Move and Move via Convoy orders exchanged

Postby WHSeward » 19 Nov 2020, 05:25

There is no bug.

"Via convoy" is ONLY applicable if 1) you want your army to be convoyed, AND 2) it could have moved to the same destination space directly without a convoy. (This order is used to invalidate the possibility of a "kidnap convoy" by an adversary. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it. It's obscure and no longer relevant since "via convoy" was added to the rules).

In order to utilize a convoy, an army makes a "move" order, the same order if it was moving without the help of a fleet.

Hence the functionality you observe; "via convoy" is only for convoys to adjacent provinces the unit could have moved to, while a regular "move" without via convoy is for everything else.
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Re: Move and Move via Convoy orders exchanged - NO BUG

Postby Sebaritico » 19 Nov 2020, 13:12

Ah, now I understand the reason. Thank you for the help!
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