Can not connect to game, did not surrender (no bug)

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Can not connect to game, did not surrender (no bug)

Postby Prester John » 06 May 2020, 20:33

I was playing as France in # 172770, My Corona.

I deleted a fleet and hit finalize.

Now I can not access the game, except under My Finished Games. I still had multiple fleets and armies left along with Supply Centers.

Help !
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Re: Can not connect to game, did not surrender

Postby V » 06 May 2020, 20:42

Russia won. The game is finished.
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Re: Can not connect to game, did not surrender

Postby Thyrfing » 07 May 2020, 11:57

Game ends when one country gets to 18 centers, independently on how may other countries remain or how big they are.

I checked the game and you were doing great! Better luck next time :D
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