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Possible Bug - Not a Bug

Postby Dolph Shtoss » 27 Apr 2020, 17:35

In game 169660 Ice Cold In Alex an Egyptian army moved from Armenia to Sevastopol (Sev was Polish before the move). The judge then awared Sev to USSR rather than Egypt. USSR and Egypt are the same player so perhaps that may have contributed to the issue. What might have happened (not an expert here) is that USSR had 9 SC but 10 units in play so the judge gave the SC to USSR instead of Egypt to have 10 SC to match the number of USSR units,
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Re: Possible Bug (SC Didn't Change Hands Properly)

Postby Charleroi » 27 Apr 2020, 17:46

This is not a bug. That's one of the rules of Versailles. If a minor power captures a home center of its major power (held by a third country), the center is given to the major power (returning the home center) rather than to the minor power. Same is true if a major captures the home center of its minor.

From the rules:

If one power conquers one of its partner's national SCs (assessed at the end of the Fall move as usual), it does NOT take ownership of it. In variant versions, 'national SC' is taken to mean the starting positions(s) of a country's units. There are two situations here depending on who owns the partner national centre at the time. If the SC is owned at the time by the partner power, then nothing happens; the SC remains under the partner's ownership and does not change hands. if instead the SC is currently owned by an enemy power, ownership is transferred (or perhaps more appropriately, returned) to the partner power. So for example Sweden's national centre is Stockholm. If Sweden is partnered with Britain, currently owns Stockholm and Britain has a unit in Stockholm at the end of the Fall move, Stockholm remains in all senses a Swedish centre and does not count towards the British centre count. If instead Stockholm were in German hands but was conquered by the British, at the end of the Fall move ownership of the centre would transfer not to Britain but to Sweden, adding to the Swedish centre count. Note that this rule applies whether it is a Major conquering its associated minor national centre or vice versa. Also note that conquering one of your partner national centres will immediately expose the identity of your major / minor pair since as soon as the SC does not change hands it will be obvious to all, so be careful!

Link here: https://www.playdiplomacy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=566&t=41927
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