Menu-based order shows completely wrong order

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Menu-based order shows completely wrong order

Postby gabrielg » 25 Apr 2020, 10:25

I have entered some orders using the point-and-click interface on the map. One is a support order, F Fleet S From -> To.

The "Show Order Graphics" button shows the arrows corresponding to the order I issued. The "Orders" popup also shows the correct order.

However, when I click the "Menu-based order entry" button and get a popup, every order is correct, except for that one, that shows an entirely different From territory, turning it into an invalid order.

I only noticed because I clicked "Submit" and then used the order graphics overlay to verify, but this could easily have led to this bug corrupting my order!

I don't want to post additional details here because it's a game in progress. Happy to DM more details, including screenshots, to a mod.
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